The Jewels of the Intermediate Degrees of the
Ancient & Accepted Rite

Article and images by Illtherefore2Bro. John G. Hattersley 31o

(by kind permission of The Museum & Library of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham)


Members of the Ancient & Accepted Rite are all at least 18º Rose Croix Masons, the Intermediate degrees from the 4th to the 17th being conferred by name only. They are briefly described in the Intermediate Degree booklet presented to the candidate on completion of his 18º.

In the Provincial Museum at Sunderland , in the John George Lambton display case, is a collection of his Rose Croix Jewels from the 4th to the 33º inclusive. These Jewels are mainly French in origin.


This Jewel is an Ivory key with the letter ‘Z’ on the wards. The 4th degree is theweb jewel4afirst Lodge of Perfection. Its traditional history refers to the circumstances which occurred after the death of Htherefore2Atherefore2B and the measures adopted by King Solomon to replace his loss by appointing seven experts, who were charged with the duties which had previously devolved on Htherefore2Atherefore2B alone. The Lodge is in mourning after the death of the Grand Master, and the predominant colour is black. The main teaching of this degree is Secrecy and Silence or Fidelity. This degree forms a beautiful introduction to the Ineffable degrees of the Order which include the 4th to the 14th degrees. Ineffable comes from the Latin ineffibilis which means something that should not be spoken.web jewel5a

The Jewel of the 5th Degree, Perfect Master, is a compass opened on a segment of a graduated circle at an angle of forty five degrees. The traditional history refers to the erection and completion of a suitable mausoleum in memory of the chief architect of the Temple Htherefore2Atherefore2B. The main colour of the degree is green. Industry and Honesty are the teachings of the degree.


 6th Degree, INTIMATE SECRETARYweb jewel6aa
The degree of Intimate Secretary refers to a meeting in Jerusalem between King Solomon and Hiram King of Tyre, relative to some cities in Galilee, which King Solomon proposed to give to Hiram in exchange for Cedar wood from Lebanon and other materials for the Temple. It illustrates that simple misunderstandings could have serious consequences. The colours of this degree are black and gold. The jewel of the degree (not shown) under the English Constitution is a gold triangle with Hebrew characters inscribed thereon. The French 6th Degree jewel depicted was worn by John George Lambton prior to the formation of the Supreme Council of England in 1845.





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