Paul Paterson Inspector General for Durham (r) a volunteer rider himself, presents a cheque for
£1000 from the District of Durham Rose Croix
 to Graham Moor of Northumbria Blood Bikes
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Northumbria Blood Bikes (NBB) is a registered charity providing  an entirely free out-of-hours  voluntary courier service for hospitals across County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. NBB  has  service level agreements in place covering all six NHS Acute Hospital across that area. They operate 7pm to 7am weekdays and all day at weekends and bank holidays transporting urgent and emergency items such as blood, plasma, platelets, samples requiring immediate analysis, and even patient notes when doctors require comprehensive background information on patients brought into A&E.


Established in late 2012 NBB now has nine 'Blood Bikes and two 'Blood Cars' for when motorcycles are not appropriate transport. All their unpaid volunteers are advanced qualified as either motorcyclists or drivers and undergo additional training in blue light use and the safe handling of blood and blood products. They have 70 riders and 20 drivers taking their places on the rotas.Since going live in February 2014 they have now completed almost 2500 'jobs' for our local hospitals. Their largest expense, after the purchase of vehicles, is fuel with a bill now averaging over £2000 per month.


In January 2015 their involvement allowed GNAAS, the local air ambulance service, to begin a 'Blood on Board' (BoB) service where blood is carried on each helicopter for transfusions at scene where this is vital. Working together with their sister group in Cumbria 365 days a year NBB takes blood from the RVI in Newcastle to Cumbria and returns with the previous days used or unused blood box. This operation is then repeated with a run to and from the GNAAS airfield at Durham Tees Valley. Without this support for GNAAS the BoB operation would not be possible and, in addition, the unused blood would not be able to be safely returned for usage at the RVI in Newcastle. Up to the end of May 2015 the BoB blood enabled 11 critically injured accident victims to be transfused at the scene of their accident.


NBB relies heavily on donations from groups and individuals so are really appreciative of Durham Rose Croix for the donation of £1,000, which will be used to put fuel into the fleet for around 2 weeks, helping to save multiple lives in the process.



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