50 Years in Rose Croix Masonry


Philip Claude Bridge, born 5th September 1929, became a freemason at the age of 33 when he was initiated in Bedic Lodge No 5915.  Four years later, in 1966, he was perfected into Rose Croix Masonry receiving the 18o in Bernard Gilpin  Chapter No 301.  He progressed to the honourable office of Most Wise Sovereign in 1977 and was subsequently awarded 30o in 1978, 31o in 1987 and 32o in 1995. But in 2016 he achieved what few Rose Croix Masons will ever succeed to, fifty years of continuous service. It was for this reason that Rose Croix Masons from all over the District of Durham gathered to celebrate Illtherefore2Bro Philip Claude Bridge's truly remarkable achievement. The celebration took place on the occasion of the thee hundred and thirtieth meeting of the Princes of Bernard Gilpin Chapter Rose Croix at Shiney Row Masonic Hall. The certificate was presented by Vtherefore2Illtherefore2Bro Paul Philip Paterson 33o Inspector General for the District of Durham seen right.


cert group 270x192

From left to right:   
    E&P Bro John A L Armstrong MWS 18o

    Illtherefore2Bro John Johnson District Recorder 32o
    Illtherefore2Bro Philip C Bridge 32o
    Vtherefore2Illtherefore2Bro Paul P Paterson 33IG



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