Obituary Notices

 spacer 50x10 Etherefore2&Ptherefore2Bro Robert Armstrong 18o
Dunston Chapter No 1069
Died 17th January 2017
 spacer 50x10
  Etherefore2&Ptherefore2Bro Stuart Allan Hinckes 18o
Tees Chapter No 374
Died 31st January 2017
  Etherefore2&Ptherefore2Bro Robert Hepple 18o
St Andrew Chapter No 340
Died 26th February 2017
  Etherefore2&Ptherefore2 Bro Barrie Hall 18o
St Andrew Chapter No 340
Died 10th March 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Geoffrey Murdoch 31o
St Lawrence Chapter No 293
Died 18th March 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Eric Roberts 31o
Wycliffe Chapter No 325
Died 18th March 2017
  Etherefore2&Ptherefore2 Bro Colin Dowson 18o
St Andrew Chapter No 340
Died 24th March 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Wilfred Burns 32o
Derwentwater Chapter No 326
Died 7th April 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Harry M Watson 30o
St Lawrence Chapter No 283
Died 9th May 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Kenneth W Young 30o
St Cuthbert Chapter No 96
Died 14th July 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Lewis Douglas 30o
Raby Castle Chapter No 1008
Died 31st August 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Geoffrey Birch 32o
St Andrew Chapter No 340/St Ebba No 807/Weardale No 895/Prince Palatine No 1149
Died 13th September 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Ronald Reay 30o
Bernard Gilpin Chapter No 301
Died 15th September 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro Kenneth Handyside 30o
Moseley Chapter No 575
Died 21st November 2017
  Illtherefore2 Bro David Norton Laurence 30o
Tees Chapter No 374
Died 4th January 2018
  Illtherefore2 Bro Raymond Thornton King 30o
St Lawrnce Chapter No 293
Died 30th January 2018
  Illtherefore2 Bro Edwin Derrick Lofthouse 32o
Harte Chapter No 282
Died 22nd April 2018
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